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A Tricycle Built for Two

It took about six months of being together before my students started pairing themselves up for marriage.  I lamely made some comments about how nobody needs to decide when they’re young, they’ll have lots of time to meet and marry someone wonderful once they’re all grown up.  I had minimal impact.  One particular girl was very upset that her intended had already promised himself to another friend.  (“Oh, wait!  I’m supposed to marry Betsy!  [Thinking hard] It’s okay, you can marry her brother Patrick!”  “But I want to marry you!”)  I didn’t know whether to smirk or intervene.

Eventually, most of the students lost interest in coupling up, but one pair still likes to talk about when they’re getting married.  It isn’t the least bit mushy; they’re very matter-of-fact about the whole thing.  In many ways, actually, their perspective seems more mature than the in-love with being in-love attitude people can adopt as they grow up.  Today, these two were talking about going to school together the day after they get married.  I like that school is their ideal honeymoon.


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