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Just in case I get really brave and decide to give up sugar starting tomorrow, I baked chocolate wafers tonight.  They call it “Fat Tuesday” for a reason.  Liquor and coffee aren’t a part of my life, so Lent presents a challenge.  I can’t give up the usual suspects.  My oddest Lent was the year I gave up my car radio and disparaging Tom Coughlin’s coaching.  (It helped that Lent falls in the off-season.)

What do you give up or have you given up for Lent?  Do you give yourselves “feast days” in Lent to break your fast, or do you go straight through to Easter?


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  1. After a bit of a bought with some health problems through the end of last year into the first couple of months of this year I’m putting a twist on my usual Lent fast. I’m giving up being unhealthy. I’m striving towards an overall, comprehensive approach to health by giving up excuses and bad habits that keep me from getting healthier.

    • secondinaseriesofsix

      A very practical Lenten practice. What changes have you made so far? I have a hard time putting limits I can’t define on myself; I need super-specific prohibitions for things like Lent, so I’m always impressed when others can take a principle or theme and work strictly towards it.


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