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Learning from the experts

My students excel my knowledge in many areas- fishing, Japanese, Latin, eating with chopsticks, and, as I was reminded today, paleontology.

“Miss C., do you know which kind of dinosaur I’d like as a pet?”

(I think through the half-dozen or so I know of and guess one that I think is on the smaller side.) “Velociraptor?”

“No! (laugh) He had killer instincts.”

“Brachiosaurus?” (I imagine that using the neck as a slide would be fun, and it’s a plant-eater.)


“Brontosaurus?” (At this point, I’m just guessing whatever doesn’t seem too fierce.)

“No!  He’s not even real.  His head is wrong.” (I seem to remember something about that from the Natural History Museum in DC.)

“Well, what dinosaur would you like for a pet?”

“Hypsilophodon!  It was only about 8 feet long and this high (motions around waist).  I would like to play tag with him, but my turn would be really long and tiring, and his would probably be very short.”


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My job and my family keep me inspired and laughing by turns. Here's a taste.

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