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Reward yourself!

My class has a new motivation system for good behavior, built around not losing stars, so that they can go on one’s chart at the end of the day. Filled charts get taken home to parents who have chosen rewards according to the child. My students are receptive to this system. So receptive, in fact, that they think it should be universal.

“Miss C., you should get a chart. Then you could go to Golden Spoon or something.”

I’m not sure who they think would buy me frozen yogurt.  That reminds me of my innocence, when I believed that simply writing a check to someone meant that they could have that much money, that the bank would just give it to them.  The idea that the money had to come from somewhere hadn’t occurred to me.  [Insert political jokes that I’m restraining myself not to type here.]

At any rate, it is sweet that they want me to get in on the fun, too.


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