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Help! My playlist is making me weak!

I was updating the old iPod today, and trying to make playlists of different lengths to suit different workouts.  I have plenty of good cool-down songs (James Taylor, anyone?), but ideally, my workouts should include something I need to cool-down from.  Which, dear reader, is where you come in.  What songs would you recommend as a soundtrack for my cardio sessions?  My taste is eclectic, so feel free to suggest music from all over the spectrum, as long as it will make me want to sweat, not stretch.

Since you’re sharing with me, here’s my pick: Gloria Gaynor singing her signature piece, “I Will Survive.”  It always helps me crank out a few more minutes of running.


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  1. Denise Malagari

    I would recommend a good podcast. I listen to Mars Hill (Seattle), White Horse Inn, Grace to You, East Valley Bible Church (Phoenix), and The Bored Again Christian. I find podcasts cause me to think ergo I don’t think about how tired I am. Plus I’ve found I tend to work out to the music. I can keep a more consistent pace w/ interesting talk.


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