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So, some blondes walk into a classroom. . .

My Pre-K class is entirely blonde.  Some of the moms have noticed this and tease that I screen all students to make sure they’re tow-heads.  Recently, one of the students noticed this lack of diversity.

Student A:”Hey, I have blonde hair, and B. has blonde hair, and C. has blonde hair, and D. has blonde hair. . . (and so on until each child was named)”

Me: “You all have blonde hair, but it’s all a little different, isn’t it?  B.’s is darker blonde and curlier, and E.’s hair is straighter and lighter.  God made each of you unique.  Different colors of skin and hair were God’s idea.  He could have made us all look exactly the same, but He chose not to.”

Student A: “But you can change it.”

Student B: “You can’t change your hair!”

Student A: “Yes you can!  My aunt went to the hair store and got red hair.”

Student B: When I go to the hair store, all they do is cut mine.

It was hard to tell whether he was indignant or relieved that he only got a trim, but he was amazed by this new information.


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